Why choosing Al Fajer Private School?

Al Fajer Private School is an educational institution valuing high standard education along with culture, morals and discipline.

It is a fusion combining an in-class formation along with acknowledging and being aware of everything happening worldwide to build out of our individuals stronger cultures and well-knowledgeable human beings.

Al Fajer Private School mainly serves the students’ along with the parents’ needs from which major projects are derived and worked upon. We do strongly believe that every student is a project to be worked on throughout a long process to be able to enhance all conceptual and possible skills along with direct educational formation to gain a better future generation.

What is the starting age for a child to be enrolled in AFS?

Al Fajer Private School accepts students for the 1st Kindergarten stage i.e. KG1 starting from the age of 2 years and 9 months when the child is diaper free.

How to register my child in AFS?

Once you have all required documents; you can visit our admin inside the school’s campus and register the child.

One of our valuable staff members will be happy to help you with filling up the application forms and finalize the registration process.